Artist Statement


    My work is a love of finally learning to use my hands, a thread to those who came before, an attempt to keep alive old knowledge, and mostly one big attempt to say thank you.

    I draw much of my inspiration from nomadic herding cultures of Central Asia.  Before urban living, felt was deeply entwined in the daily life- from saddle pads to yurt walls, clothing to kitchen accessories, and incredible attention to detail on every piece.

    It is such an elegant, and seemingly simple, way to say thank you- going slow enough to constantly create beauty and remember the stories from the fiber and food giving all our shelter, clothing, and daily sustenance.

    I am no where near able to know the mind-boggling array of stories of everything in my home, but making beautiful felt is a beginning, a way of joining this small revolution of saying yes to going slow, to being inefficient and in love, and giving gratitude for each day.

                        -Mary Reichert