Felting Foundations

This is your introduction to the world of wet felting: hats, saddle pads, coats, rugs, yurts, even armor- in this class you will learn the basic skills to create a durable and beautiful piece of fabric.  You will design and layout a flat piece of felt with carded wool and after a bit of water, soap, and some hard-work you too will begin to understand the magic of making felt!

Choose your own project (place-mats, coasters, yardage for sewing projects, no armor just yet!)

Great beginner class!

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Felted Bags

Ever since I returned from Kyrgyzstan with a beautiful bag I made using the techniques learned while studying their, people have been asking me to teach this class- so here it is finally!  You will begin by first learning to make pre-felt.  This technique alone can open the door to countless new possibilities in felt-making.  We will then cut patterns, lay out a design, and felt the wool.  The final step in the process is sewing the bag.

Please Note: good, strong felt (necessary for a handbag) is made by compressing and rolling the wool back and forth with your own oomph.  Although I always encourage people to find a good rhythm that works for them, it does take a bit of work; the last 4-5 hours of class is all wet down and rolling of the wool.




Felted Rugs

Making rugs is my greatest love and something am I excited to offer this fall at North House Folk School.  I simply don’t have the space here in the studio and it’s a great excuse to visit a beautiful place on the North Shore!  We will begin class making pre-felt, creating templates and designs for our rugs, then move into the hands on process of laying out and wet-felting a rug.  The rugs begin about 3’by5′ and shrink close to around 2’by3′- it’s great, physical work.  Please come prepared to use your body and be on your feet much of the day.

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Custom Boot-liners/Slippers

Are you always complaining of cold feet in the winter? Has the liner in your boots worn out? Do you want a new pair of slippers? Come make yourself a pair of custom boot liners or slippers and let your feet relax into the warmth and comfort of felted footwear. Each student will prepare a foot-form (for themselves or someone really lucky to have a friend making them handmade slippers!) before they arrive to assure a slipper with a good, snug fit.

Some prior wet-felting experience helpful, but not necessary.

Call to schedule a private/small group class.



Fleece to Felt

I offer this class for those wishing to learn the whole process- from sheep to felt. First we’ll go over how to wash and card the wool (you get your own pile of fleece to take home and wash!) and then you will learn both flat and seamless felt-making techniques. We;ll begin by making  a small, flat piece and then move into learning the art of seamless felting as you make a hat or a pair of slippers.

Great beginner class!

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Introduction to Nuno Felting: Making a beautiful scarf:

Instructor: Patty Salo Downs. Call Patty directly to register. 349-3645 

Make a beautiful scarf and learn the basics of Nuno felting.
The following will be covered:

Fiber and Fabric Selection
Design Tips
Resist Technique
Felting Process

One Session Class: 3 hours





Learn the art of seamless felting as you form your very own, custom made hat. Felt hats have taken many forms throughout the centuries and in this class you will begin making the basic hood and work on blocking your hat from their- brims, no brims, ear-flaps, fisherman’s caps . . .bring your ideas and come prepared to work hard and have fun for the day!

No experience necessary.

Call to schedule a private/small group class.

Details of Design

I find the world of felt-making to be vast, and having just returned from Kyrgyzstan- a land where the stories of felt-making have been kept alive for many generations- I am now full of new techniques and ways to approach the ever present challenge of translating the joys, griefs and wonders of life into felt.  In this class we will explore the range of possibilities- beginning with the making of pre-felt and moving into some hand-spinning and pressed felt techniques.  Each person will have the opportunity to make their own pre-felt, cut designs, hand-spin wool, and then create a small felted mat (table runner, picnic cushion, place mat, yardage, etc.).  Some experience necessary. Please call if you have questions.

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Rug Making Potluck

One of things I love most about felt is we work together to make the larger pieces that make a house a home- both yurt coverings and rugs bring people together and I offer this session for those who would like to learn more about traditional felt making through a very hands on experience. Bring some food for a potluck lunch and be prepared to work hard and have fun!

Not currently offered.  Call to schedule a private/custom class


Private Classes

I will happily teach individual or group lessons (up to 4) tailored to your felting whims.  Please call for scheduling and prices. Read more about  custom classes.



I ask for full payment of class when you register.  I accept checks, or credit cards over the phone.

Please make checks payable to:  Otlak Felt Studio and send all payments to:

Otlak Felt Studio, 7807 Industrial Rd, Saginaw, MN 55779


Cancellation Policy: 

I give full refunds up to 48 hours before class begins.  Within 48 hours, unless of course it’s an emergency, there are no refunds.