One of the greatest wonders for me, and the main reason Otlak exists, has been the experience of finally waking up the capacity in my hands.  Like great deltas receiving a rushing flood of remembrance from the glaciers of my hard headed assumptions and misgivings finally beginning to melt after years of not knowing any other way, my hands have begun to feel the deliciousness that comes with making beauty, making gifts, and beginning to join the generations before me who understood how to be a person at home in the world dedicated to offering gratitude for the gift of this living by the very way they lived their daily lives.

It is my love of this capacity in all people why I am dedicated to offering this studio, my classes, what I have learned and continue to glean, as a gift to this community and all who find their way to my studio- a place to move slow, tell stories, remember a bit of the smell in the air as the winter snows melt and the buds begin to sprout, a place where the roots of old knowledge will hopefully feel welcome to grow, and where our own stories can begin to flower together from this great trunk of remembering.