February 5, 2013

I think I have fallen in love- I learned a new method for making ala-kiiz. It’s somewhere in between a Shyrdak and a traditional pressed felt rug (like the kind I have been making at home) and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Much of the time Farzana and her sisters are making scarves, which are basically smaller, simpler versions of this kind of rug, but done on silk instead of wool.  The scarves are stunning too, and I expect I will begin making some when I get home, but there is something about rolling a rug that brings a different kind of satisfaction. And a huge wave of gratitude came over me  while I was watching Farzana design this rug . . .for the first time it really hit home that I am in Kyrgyzstan, in the company of an exceptional felt-maker and slowly, day by day, she is passing on her knowledge- how did this happen?!

Farzana with ala-kiiz

Farzana with her ala-kiiz.


I have a few more pictures- from travels in Almaty, walking around Tunguch (this area of apartment buildings where I live), sledding in the mountains,  Farzana’s friends 50th birthday party . . .I’ll post some stories of daily life soon, but for now I just needed  to share my excitement about these rugs!

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Kitty February 18, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Hey nice 2 c a picture of Farzana & more of her work. U sound wonderful!


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