sushi, horse meat, and vodka . . .

January 7, 2013

I promise at some point I will tell more stories about my felting adventures, but for the moment everything is so new and exciting I can’t help but tell stories about it all.  Tonight I went out to dinner with Farzana and some good friends of hers, and I’m guessing I will never see a table with the same array of food on it again in my life- sushi, slices of lamb butt (good for the lungs) salad with shrimps, a salty fish of some kind, cabbage salad, horse meat and fat, horse intestine, lamb with potatoes and onion and bread, chai, and of course lots of vodka and toasting.  I love this tradition- toasting to the health of our families, and the new year, and blessings on one another in as many ways as one could imagine before we drink any vodka- and given the amount of vodka being drunk there was lots of toasting happening!

Needless to say I feel very welcomed and am happy to be in Kyrgyzstan.  I look forward to hosting Farzana and her sisters when they come to America and can only hope they feel as welcomed as I do.

And I must add that, at least at the moment, it is much warmer here than in Duluth!

I’ll post some pictures soon,

All Blessings,


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Kitty January 20, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Natasha & I laughing over your description of the feast & toasts. She came here 6 years ago & a real time connection to home is precious. Enjoy every minute as you never know how this will relate to life’s next adventure. Muff said, I’m done!


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