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March 14, 2013



There is a sweetness in the air as the warmth begins to arrive and the possibility of spring brings everyone out of there houses and into the streets. I love the sound of kids in the evening playing outside and the slow amble of a grandmother holding the arm of her grandchild as they walk.  We all emerge like a swarm of bees on a summer day looking for nectar and I am happily caught up in the buzz.

I am leaving in less than two weeks so there is an unquenchable excitement about coming home, and at the same time a great feeling of gratitude and longing for all I have learned, and a fullness to each day that comes with the realization I am leaving so soon.  I have been learning some of the finer details of preparing food and drinks, making felt bags that we have been talking about doing for some time, and will be travelling to lake Issyk Kul over Narooz (March 21st) for 5 days in the mountains in a village of 150 families where Farzana’s father told me today that as part of the celebration we will eat a whole horse!

One of the things that keeps me shaking my head in amazement is realizing that this is just the beginning of a long relationship with this land and these people.  I will be helping Farzana and her sister with some translating at an exhibition this summer in Dallas, and then we are going to road trip home together to MN!  So for those in the area keep your eyes and ears open for a party/sale I will be hosting with them sometime in the beginning of July.

As far as my work goes, the biggest change will be that I am going to begin working with silk.

Up to now I haven’t been interested, but after almost three months of being around silk and wool I am excited about the possibilities.  I have seen some beautiful examples of silk and wool vests, blankets, and of course many scarves.  There is a satisfaction that comes from rolling something that is 100% wool that doesn’t come with silk and wool- and for that wool will always be my first love- but now I have a whole new set of skills to begin working with.  And at this point, after working for someone else for three months, living by another families patterns and habits, in a place where I am constantly limited by where I can go and what I can do I feel like a bow that’s been drawn and waiting to be released . . .


Here is one picture to enjoy that has nothing to do with spring! My camera battery called it quits and I forgot my charger, so I haven’t been able to take pictures recently.  This is from a day of sledding in the mountains about a 30 minute drive outside of Bishkek.

sledding in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too

sledding in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too



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