About the Artist

About the Artist

I remember talking with a dear friend of mine when I was just learning how to make felt, wondering what my thing was going to be. I so wanted to create with my hands and make beauty in the world (growing up I had never learned to make things). At the time of talking with my friend I was living with my grandmother and making felt in my spare time in her basement and little did I know my thing was right under my nose.

I thankfully continued to follow my curiosity for felt, and it has led me to Kyrgyzstan on three different trips to live and study. In the course of my trips and my time dedicated to this craft I have completely fallen in love with wool, sheep, and the cultures and way of life that surround felt-making, especially those from Central Asia. It all feels so deeply familiar.

And though there are many varied (and strange!) things you can make with felt, rugs have been my constant throughout. I especially enjoy creating felt rugs in community. This skill in particular- leading a group as we make a rug together -feels like my unique contribution to the world of felt-making. I enjoy honing my craft and working through ideas alone in my studio, but nothing lights me up like when I've had the opportunity to make felt in community. Working with many people to create something that no one of us could do alone has a special magic.

I now work and live out of my home on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MN. Having grown up in Duluth it feels so good to be living on the big lake again. Growing up watching the water and her mood change everyday, and yet the constancy of her presence, it brought such peace to my heart.

My hope in making felt is that I continue to offer that peace, beauty, sense of possibility and wonder to others through my work; both in the classes I teach and the felt I make. And whether it is felt-making that lights you up, or something else in the world, I hope we can all find ways to follow those small things that tug at our hearts to be seen in this ever generous and amazing world.

Sheep! Shetland Islands, 2018